Our Story

Modern Italian restaurant from New York "Scarpetta Tokyo“ With the concept of "unpretentious but elegant service“ Scarpetta has gained the support of many New Yorkers who know what it means to be authentic.

The restaurant’s name is derived from the Italian expression, "fare la scarpetta," which means to savor a meal to the very last bite.

Our Food

Our signature pastas are made in-house daily and paired with the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Scarpetta’s famous Spaghetti Tomato & Basil is nothing short of classic simplicity in both taste and preparation.

Enjoy a simple dish of Roman tomato sauce, basil and butter, Italian olive oil, but symbolizing Scarpetta, which has remained unchanged since its opening in 2008.

Our Team

We always strive to bring out the best in ourselves.

With our "true selves" and "maximum service spirit," we pour our "passion" and "love" into everything we do to provide our guests with an unforgettable dining experience.

Japan Original Story

The food served at Scarpetta Tokyo has inherited the essence of the original flavor of its home country, but with a unique arrangement to fully satisfy the taste buds of the Japanese, who have a keen sense of "umami" (deliciousness).

For drinks, we will offer four original Tokyo cocktails based on the popular Japanese highball(Whisky soda), as well as a selection of Japanese sake. Guests can enjoy a new marriage of sake and Italian cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant is designed with a motif of cherry blossoms, a symbol of Japan, throughout, including the front entrance arch, chairs, and partitions. ​